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New John Deere forage harvesters for 2013

Innovative kernel processing technology is a major feature of John Deere’s new 7080 Series self-propelled forage harvesters, which will be available for the 2013 season. The expanded range sees seven new models, including an additional 440hp machine.
The new KernelStar multicrop kernel processor is designed to enhance productivity in the field, as well as forage quality for livestock and biogas producers. This state-of the-art concept is based on a patented bevel disc design, which provides more intensive treatment of the kernels and an improved material flow compared to straight-edged disc designs or conventional cylindrical rollers. The new system also reduces the power requirement for the same processing output.

KernelStar features contoured intermeshing discs, which provide almost three times the effective processing width compared to previous systems. The result is significantly improved kernel processing, with visible improvements to forage quality in a wide range of crop conditions and a significant reduction of over-length crop particles.
Designed for high-capacity harvesting in grass, maize and wholecrop, this newly styled forager range continues to use John Deere’s infinitely variable length of cut (IVLOC) transmission to enable operators to change chop length on the move. A new five-speed LOC transmission is standard on the 7180 and 7280 foragers only, and retains most of the IVLOC features.

The 7080 Series foragers are powered by John Deere’s latest single-fuel PowerTech Plus Stage 3b/Interim Tier 4 engines – 9-litre on the smallest 7180 model, and 13.5-litre on the 7280 to 7780 machines – which feature improved torque and power characteristics, and the same exhaust gas recirculation and variable geometry turbocharger technology as that used on the company’s latest R Series tractors. The top of the range 7980 model continues to use a Cummins 19-litre Stage 2/Tier 2 engine.

John Deere’s intelligent engine speed management system helps operators to maximise the foragers’ performance both on the road and in the field. Headland and Harvest fuel saver modes have been proven to reduce fuel consumption by over 18%, by optimising engine rpm to improve efficiency. The 1,100-litre fuel tank will now be standard on all models.

In addition to the basic range, i Series foragers will also be equipped as standard with the established, integrated ‘intelligent’ package of precision farming technology. This includes HarvestLab constituent sensing, which measures dry matter and other crop constituents in real time, a GreenStar 2630 display, Harvest Monitor and Harvest Doc software, a StarFire 3000 receiver with SF2 signal (offering +/-5cm accuracy for yield mapping), and AutoLOC.

AutoLOC provides automatic adjustment of the length of cut depending on the dry matter content of the crop being harvested, based on settings programmed in by the operator on the in-cab GreenStar display.

Dura Line wearing parts are also offered across the full 7080 Series self-propelled forage harvester range. These feature a unique, high-tech coating that means they last up to four times as long as standard wearing parts. The parts cover the entire crop flow channel, and their extremely smooth surface means there is minimum resistance to the flow of material, leading to higher throughputs and lower fuel consumption.
Other options on these new foragers include the ProDrive hydrostatic transmission with full anti-slip control, automatic diff-lock and automatic park brake, AutoTrac assisted steering and an automatic spout positioning system with nine settings.

A full range of headers are available in addition to the standard 3m grass pick-up. These include the Kemper four to 12-row (3 to 9m) rotary maize headers, the 4.8 and 6.2m Zurn Profi Cut wholecrop headers, and the CRL coppice header for harvesting short-rotation coppice for biofuels. 


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