Design Challenge - March 2016


Pope Design

The Multi-Tracked Slurry Tanker Spreader (MTSTS) is an advanced design concept based on the addition of several axles to optimize and reduce ground pressure. The negative impact of the massive weight of the payload in a spreader is eliminated by the addition of extra axles that will reduce soil compaction when the tank is at its maximum load capacity. In contrast to a deflated tire, the use of track systems on the field also greatly reduces compaction.

Each axle is independent and would be moveable to provide a greater turning radius to minimize impacts to the ground during a turn. Each axle has an independent suspension that will match the type of soil on which the MTSTS will be riding.

For enhanced visibility, the operator’s cabin is mounted on a guided rail system, giving the driver a 360° field of view once it reaches its maximum height.

Furthermore, the MTSTS has the ability to receive an additional (trailed) tank to increase its autonomy in fields according to the operator’s needs. The rear tank would also operate on multi-axis track systems to promote soil conservation in larger fields.

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