Design Challenge - Advanced Lift-truck Technology 2015

Javier Gutiérrez Casal

Javier Gutiérrez CasalTwo of the main challenges that a rough-terrain forklift needs to overcome are avoiding rollover of the machine and the load on the forks falling to the floor. The design I have created is therefore capable of increasing the stability of both the cabin and the load, by enabling changes to be made to the location of the center of gravity and the position of the wheels through the use of an Active Chassis. It also maintains a compact size, which facilitates its passage through narrow spaces and its transportation by truck.

The framework has two different parts: an upper part composed of the cabin and cargo lifting system; and the lower section, which incorporates the wheels, the electric drive system, and a downsized boxer gasoline engine that produces electricity for powering the hub electric motors, batteries and hydraulic pumps.

When the terrain becomes bumpy, the upper framework is raised from the lower section via six hydraulic cylinders that keep the cab and forks horizontal. Thanks to the 6DOF of the Active Chassis, the load is stable and increases the comfort and safety of the driver.

The lower chassis can also increase the wheelbase and width of the front axle to prevent the vehicle overturning when it is tackling side slopes or steep descents.

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Javier Gutiérrez Casal

A freelance mechanical design engineer based in Pontevedra, Spain, Javier has worked for many companies specialized in the development of industrial equipment






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