Design Challenge - March 2016

The Colossus

Javier Gutiérrez Casal The front-loading dumper is a simple and basic vehicle designed to work in rough terrain, and is typically configured with an articulated chassis and two axles. Colossus, however, is a three-axled dumper, with all its components integrated on a rigid TUV-chassis that is capable of supporting a maximum load of 10 metric tons. The front and central steering axles are able to distribute most of the weight between those four wheels thanks to the double wishbone arm system regulated by hydraulic cylinders. The two wheels on either side have their hydraulic cylinders interconnected so that both wheels work as if they were part of a bogie axle. Maintaining the simplicity of the vehicle, the rear axle is a simple rigid unit with one hydraulic cylinder that can control that axle’s reactions. The hydraulic system, which controls the movement of all axles, offers two modes of operation: a Normal mode, wherein all axles operate freely; and an Active mode, where the movement of the axles is continuously regulated. The Active mode can reduce the vehicle’s bank angle, adjusting the stroke of the interlinked hydraulic cylinders on either side of the central and frontal axles. It also acts on the rear axle, stopping or controlling its movements to increase the machine’s stability.

The dumper is powered by a conventional diesel engine, while an automatic five-speed gearbox transmits power only to the wheels of the central and front axles. Should the conditions be especially challenging, a hydraulic pump transmits energy to two hydraulic hub motors placed in the rigid rear axle.

To improve the comfort of the open cab, which is protected by a roll bar, the seats are attached to a platform mounted elastically on the bodywork and which isolates vibration and heat produced by the engine. The position of the driver and the shape of the skip improve visibility to the blind spot that is generated in front of the vehicle.

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Javier Gutiérrez Casal

A freelance mechanical design engineer based in Pontevedra, Spain, Javier has worked for many companies specialized in the development of industrial equipment






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