Design Challenge - September 2013

Burak Yesildurak - Chickenhead Cab

Burak Yesildurak


My belief is that the tractor cabs of 2033 will be distanced from the vehicle chassis and therefore movable, which would also allow for a new kind of cab suspension system. For this project, I was inspired by an amazing example of natural suspension – a chicken’s neck! Search for ‘chicken head’ on YouTube and you’ll see a demonstration of how, if you grab a chicken and move it to the left, right, up or down, its neck keeps the head straight all the time.

So, in my design, the cab is connected to the robotic-style arm, which functions like the chicken’s neck and provides the cab – the chicken’s head – with a parallel position to the ground, especially on hilly and sloping terrain. The driver is also able to rotate the cab when he needs to mount any attachments to the vehicle.

With its structure manufactured from aluminium alloy to combine strength and lightness, the cab is designed to accommodate two people. The arm lowers the cab to the body, with access being made via the steps on the left-hand side. In my opinion, the comfort of industrial vehicles and sports cars should be the same, so I used the seat of a sports car – designed to provide maximum comfort and support during high-speed manoeuvres – in my design. It therefore provides maximum comfort to the tractor operator on sloping and hilly terrain.

With no seat carcass to add weight, the seat structure is merely a leather covering on a fibre-glass shell. Behind that is an additional seat for the second operator/instructor which has a touchable screen – in the future, touchable and glass screens will thrive as the technology develops.

A touchable glass screen on the steering system provides an effective, simple place from which to administer tractor functions and also eliminates the overcrowding of the buttons. At the same time, the voice-command system will maintain a better and more comfortable control opportunity.

Because tractor drivers use their vehicles for hours on end, the interior design needs to effectively meet their needs. For example, I included a chill cabinet and locker in my concept, enabling them to store food and drinks.

I mostly used a dark grey colour in the interior design because agriculture tends to be dirty work. The orange colours and orange light are used for aesthetic reasons – and to add a touch of dynamism. Furthermore, the interior trims are manufactured from a hard plastic to provide a robust and long-lasting surface. I also incorporated a panoramic glass ceiling to provide maximum visibility.

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Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak



Burak Yesildurak works as an industrial designer at Hattat Tarim Agriculture Corp in Turkey





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