Design Challenge - March 2013

Burak Yesildurak

Burak Yesildurak


The goal of my new design (with technical support from Hakan Çokal and Ahmet Alpaydin) was to improve the transportation problem and vibration features of soil compactors. According to my observations, soil compactors and road rollers are parasitic machines – they need to be carried on a truck for transportation, which adds further expense. Without an on-highway mode, a compactor cannot move through traffic on its own drum, as it could easily be damaged. And because the drum’s surface area is wide, on-highway travel would not only be incredibly slow, but also consume a lot of fuel.

My solution, therefore, was to add an on-highway mode to soil compactors and other rollers to avoid this problem. In this way, they can travel on the road to reach the worksite easily, and also improve mobility around large construction sites.

Therefore, I designed a system with four wheels on two hydraulic arms. This system mounts on a ‘fork’ so that there are two on-highway wheels on both sides of the front drum, onto which the compactor’s weight is transferred during travel mode. Once the on-highway mode is activated, hydraulic arms push the wheels onto the road, which raises the drum by 15-20cm. In this way, it can move through traffic and around large worksites. When it is deactivated, the drum moves down to the ground and is ready for work.

Compactors are generally used with a vibration system to enhance the drum’s effect and compress the asphalt. My system increases the vibration to 106Hz with 15kW hub-motors mounted on either side of the drum via a shaft that forms its axis. The hub-motors turn the two weights mounted on the shaft, each producing 53Hz. If they turn at 180° to each other, the system will provide 106Hz and increase the centrifugal force applied to the drum surface, boosting productivity.

This vibration system would also be applicable to a tandem roller, while the transport system could also feasibly be added to its rear drum – though ideally with larger wheels and a more robust frame.

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Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak Burak Yesildurak



Burak Yesildurak works as an industrial designer at Hattat Tarim Agriculture Corp in Turkey





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