Design Challenge - June 2013

Ahmet Togay - Electromagnetic suspension

Electromagnetic Suspension

Designed as a multipurpose machine for agricultural applications, my electric tractor (E-Trac) uses electromagnetic suspension (EMS) to provide greater ride stability. By largely obviating friction, magnetic levitation technology can also reduce energy consumption, avoid wear and offer very low maintenance requirements.

Continuously adjusting the strength of a magnetic field produced by electromagnets using a feedback loop enables magnetic levitation to be used to provide a viable form of suspension. Levitation is usually provided by permanent magnets that have no power dissipation – electromagnets are only used to stabilise this effect.

When placed in a pure electrostatic field or magnetostatic field, a charged body cannot rest in stable equilibrium, so EMS achieves that by continually altering the current sent to the electromagnets to change the strength of the magnetic field. A feedback loop continuously adjusts one or more electromagnets to correct the object’s motion, and thereby cancel the instability. Some EMS devices use a combination of magnetic attraction and magnetic repulsion to push upwards, while many others use magnetic attraction pulling upwards against gravity to provide some degree of  inherent lateral stability.

The zero-emission E-Trac is an efficient and ecological solution – powered only by electricity, it uses four DC motors to transfer power to the wheels. The 320 battery cells are used to add weight and provide a long charge cycle.

The multifunctional cab is moved forwards, backwards and offers 360° rotation to enable optimisation for different machine variations such as front loader or backhoe loader. The E-Trac also has two three-point linkages; one each at the front and rear. •

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As cab structure and industrial design team leader at Hisarlar, Ahmet has worked on projects for Tafe, Sonalika and AGCO in the last two years. Other clients include Terex (Schaeff & Fuchs), Mecalac and Fayat





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